Life Celebrations ~ Memorials & Funeral Services

Here at Miss FlowerGirl we really take your sentiments to heart and hand in creating bespoke  flowers for remembrance.

It is so individual and heart felt creating such a special tribute from natures beauty is truly a sentiment to be cherished.

We always feel honored to be ask to be apart of this and to be honest if I wasn't a florist I would be a Funeral Director.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation

We have created many beautiful funerals and to all sorts of themes.

'A memory is of a young mother whose flowers I had designed for her wedding and on delivery the family said the were just like her wedding dress'.

Anything goes - it's for the person on their next journey.

When my father Pip passed he had seaweed and drift wood with our family favourite white casablanca lilies and swan plant; as he always planted them to fill our garden.

I have even sourced from the very vegetable garden that their loved one potted around each day and then they made soup for the family our of the casket spray.

"When all is said and done, it really is just the LOVE" Xx